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Friday, February 17, 2017


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the Five Minute blogging group...we write for 5 minutes on one subject...this week it is "Weak."

Why are we so afraid of "weakness?" Is it because we are afraid we will not be in control?

We don't  want others to see our weakness, because it makes us vulnerable.

Our humanness wants to hang on. To fix whatever the problem is.

When Paul prayed to The Lord about "the thorn in his flesh;"

The Lord told him something that is hard for us to understand.

"My grace is sufficient for you: for My Strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor. 12:9

God's grace came toward Paul...undeserved favor. God's strength showed up the strongest when Paul was weak.

I have found this is my own life. I need The Lord's Strength. I need His grace. I can do nothing of lasting value without Him.

There are times I strive, only to wear myself out. When I finally tell the Lord, like a little child, "Papa God I cannot fix this" and I lay it at His feet, I am unburdened and He takes over. 

So do not despise weakness. I believe The lord is drawn to our weakness because then we see our need for Him. 

He is our Strength.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Gloria Phifer

IN HIS HAND...painted by Gloria Phifer

I was raised in a dysfunctional home. Alcohol, fights, moving almost every year.

I would tell myself how strong I was. That I could endure, laying in bed, waiting for the bar to close, so my mom would come home.

Taking care of my brother...though I was scared.

Being the new girl in a new school. Trying to fit it.

Nothing was in my control. 

Migraine headaches. arms and legs feeling weak. But yet, I told myself how strong I was.

During this time, I almost drowned, and a friend that was with me did drown. The question kept coming to me, "Would you have gone to Heaven?" I couldn't answer yes. 

A man, my mother had known, began stalking us. He sat in his car, on the corner, watching our house. I was afraid. I prayed and asked God for help.

As I was walking home from school, my feet dragging, the thought came into my mind..."Are you saved?" Saved? I began arguing with this thought. "I'm a good girl. I don't smoke, I don't should see my friends." Then, two verses of Scripture came in my mind. (Now you need to know we didn't go to church.) "IT is a straight and narrow way and you must be born again." 

I'm not sure if I knew how to be "born again." But I knew I wasn't on a straight and narrow way. I also had the knowing, that this was a commitment. It meant giving up control to Someone else. And I didn't want to do that. I wanted to control my own life. I was 15 at the time.

     I was watching Billy Graham. I was 18. When he gave the altar call, I knew I needed to accept Jesus.  You would think by now, after one of the worse summers of my life, I would release my control. But I didn't. I didn't know what He would do with my life?(I didn't know The Lord. I didn't know His character) And through everything I had been was not easy for me. I thought I could not trust anyone.

I did begin to try and read the Bible, but I ended up seeing judgments and demons and it scared me. I went to the Methodist Church and was sprinkled, hoping that would take care of it all...but it didn't.

I married at 19. We found out I was expecting. Almost as soon as we had the good news...I miscarried that baby. I yelled at the doctor, "I don't want to lose this baby!" 
I thought God was punishing me.

   My husband, who was in the air force, received orders for Alaska; on a base in isolation. I could not go with him. Another thing I could not control. 

   I came to Iowa to live with his parents. After he left, I realized I was expecting another baby. This was what brought me out of a depression. Our daughter was born in January. We moved into an apartment where I looked out at a brick wall. Some times I felt like I was really losing it. My daughter was my one joy in my life.

I was not living in Iowa!!! (Did I say I thought I was in control?) When my husband returned from Alaska, and his time in the air force was over, moving west, where I had come from, did not work out.

We moved to a town in Iowa. One neighbor, by our house, was a Baptist girl who invited me to church. On the other side was an Open Bible gal who had been raised in church.

I began going to the Baptist church with my neighbor. They told me to read the Book of John in my Bible. Every afternoon, while our daughter napped, I read. It was like water for a thirsty soul.

By this time, I realized I needed God. I needed this "Born again."
I realized, that without God, nothing was really in my control. Everything had been spiraling down.

 I had a husband and daughter I loved, and yet I fought fear and unhappiness. 

When our daughter was a year and half old...I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and was filled with The Holy Spirit. 

I let The One Who is in in control. I thought to myself, "why didn't I do this earlier?" I found a Friend. A Savior. Someone Who knew me, loved me, cared about me. Someone I could trust. 

I was 22 years old when I finally gave it all to Jesus and asked Him into my life. That was 51 years ago.

A lot of times we want to hang on. To control. Only to find out...we really are not in control. I recommend my Jesus to you. I never knew peace and safety until I knew Him. Put yourself in His Hands you will be safe there.

Let's pray "Lord Jesus, I believe You died on the cross for me. I accept You as my Savior. Come into My life and take control. I put my trust in You, In Jesus Name Amen.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Gloria Phifer

Yes, I am that "birthday girl" today.

73 years old to be exact.

"Where have the years gone"? I ask.

Lived one day at a time...

Gods time.

Because of Jesus Christ I will live forever,

even after my body of clay has faded away.

In Heaven, I have an incorruptible body, that will 

never feel pain. No partings with loved ones...

No more tears. no more fears...

Through Jesus Christ I have eternal life...

And an eternity to know and see what I have not known or seen

I will no longer look through a glass darkly...but I shall see face to face...I will know as I have been known...1 Corinthians 13.

 I will see my Savior...The One Who has loved me all of my years.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Gloria Phifer

The sun was hot that summer day. I scooped some dirt, mixed it with water and molded my "pottery
clay." They would dry up and the wind would  blow them away. 

"Ding Dong"...the doorbell rang. my mother and brother were taking afternoon naps. I made my way into the cool house and answered the door.

There on the step, were two men and one of our neighbors. Even though I told them my mother was napping they insisted on talking to her.

I woke her up. It was one of those frozen moments when time stands still.  I remember being in the doorway, as my mother screamed in disbelief. 
my step dad had been accidentally electrocuted on his job as a lineman for the Public Service of New Mexico. 

When you are 10 years do you handle death? Despair? Deep sadness" Fear of the unknown?  the biggest change in a young life?

Blown Gloria Phifer

A ten year old plays

on a warm summer day, molding dirt and water into pottery clay.

Awaken napping mother,
sad faces at the door.
Life is changed forevermore.

Flowered laden coffin will soon be past,
Gazing down at white, patent, leather shoes
on tailored green grass.

The pottery rests from no more play.
A child grew old...
on one summer day.

The wind has dried and blown the clay...


away God.

Friday, December 16, 2016


Glora Phifer

I am joining the FMF bloggers today...we write for five minutes...the word is "Now!" the present moment

Not in the future...not in the past

Where are you now?

What are your hopes and!

Are you loving in the

Are you forgiving

So many times we carry a load of burdens for days...

Now is the time to give them to the Lord. Now is the time to remember God loves you. Now is the time to forgive and release that person. Now, in this present moment is the time for...Peace.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Gloria Phifer


The mesa was brown

in this barren, dry land.

My dad decided to take a stand.

Armed with a shovel and rake in hand,

He shoveled, and raked clay into yielding sand.

Kentucky, blue-grass seed was sown by hand.

Until the days were done, the soil was kept damp

against the hot, western sun.

Within days, tiny blades emerged

Pushing against the stubborn, brown earth,

Moving the soil that once had been dry,

Reaching, stretching, growing toward the blue

of the sky.

In a desert land,

Ode to one man's stubborn stand,

A green oasis grows beside a desolate, brown land.

A lawn was born!!!

 In 1953 we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our house was built on a cleared mesa. The lawns
were planted by hand. At the end of the street, the greenness ended and the mesa sat brown and unmoved. I remember my step dad saying that one day the houses would be up to the Sandia Mountains. 

Today, if you visit Albuquerque, the Mesa has been claimed and houses sit under the majestic Sandia

I will always remember, when I was 9, helping to water our Kentucky blue-grass to keep the ground wet. Our back yard was never remained barren. I would use water and the clay...mix them together and make my own "mud pottery." Soon the sun would dry them out and the wind would blow them away.

I no longer live in a barren, brown land. I live in the midwest now. At times I remember this child hood memory.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Gloria Phifer

The noisey engine of the snow blower

blend with the scraping of the snow plow,

and the purr of the furnace.

Robins sing in newly budded trees

while raindrops fall and

thunder rumbles in the distance.


In the cool of the evening

crickets chirp amid

the voices on the sidewalk

and the air conditioners hum.


Brisk, cool winds whip the trees;

leaves swirl and crunch under foot.

while squawking geese fly south.

We live in an area where we have four seasons...God has put beauty in each one. Each snow flake is a crystal like no other.

Spring comes with Robins and newly budded trees.

Summer brings out the sprinklers...and the neighbors take their walks.

Fall brings colorful trees that eventually began to fall and cover the lawns.

Yes, there is beauty in every season. Just as in life, for every season we are in...we can find the beauty God is giving us.