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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Gloria Phifer

My boat rose and sank on the roughness of my sea. Seldom, if ever, was the water smooth.

I was accustomed to the barrage. One wave after another.

I was never sure what the next storm would bring.  Would I survive? I didn’t know.

So was the uncertainty of my sea.

It was only survive. Survive in my boat.

My boat was battered, torn and broken.

The atmosphere over the sea was dark. The waters darker still.

I hung on. I clung to whatever was near…but that would slip away.

I was alone. Unwanted. Abandoned to the sea.

In the darkness of the night, there appeared a light, coming towards me.

Closer and closer The Light appeared…A Man walking on the roughness of my sea.

A Man coming to me.

The Light was so bright. My eyes fought to adjust in my darkness.

He called through the wind and roaring of the waves.

“May I come into your boat?” The Man asked.

I was attracted to His voice…His Light.

My boat rocked in the waves. I knew I was not going to survive. The next storm could destroy me forever.

“Yes”, I answered. “Please come into my boat” I cried to The Man of Light.

This Man, Who was The Walker of the sea.

“Please save me from the darkness and the roughness of the waves.” I wept.

The Man of Light walked upon the groaning sea. He entered my boat.

Instantly, there was a great stillness, calm and peace that I had never known.

He held me close and stilled my hurting heart.

This Man of Light, The Walker of the sea…rescued me!!!

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