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Friday, August 3, 2012


Gloria Phifer

     The ocean lies before me, blue as the skies above.
       The sand is wet beneath my feet as I step close to the shore line.
                                 "Come out to Me." He calls.
     I wade into the foam.  The sand is not as smooth.  Shells and pebbles are under my feet.


         I hesitate.  The ocean is so big.

                 "Come out to Me"

     Lord, you know I am not a good swimmer.

     His presence comes to me.  He leads me into the water and carries me into the deep.

As I lean into His Presence I am safe. I am unsinkable.
                            The deeper He takes me…I perceive and understand what I had not known.

     "Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your water spouts Oh God." Psalm 42.7

     I long to go deeper with You Lord.  Away from the safety of the shore and into Your everlasting Presence.

                                       Deeper…deeper into the ocean of Your love.


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