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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Gloria Phifer

Last week I wrote about something I was going through.

The enemy...the accuser of the brethren was telling me  I had not been enough in a season of my life.

One morning, I was watching Victoria Olsteen. She quoted the apostle Paul..."One thing I do...forgetting the past...I press on to the High Calling of Jesus Christ. " There was one thing Paul said he did. He forgot the past and pressed on.

Victoria also spoke about playing racket can never look backwards or the ball can hit you in the face.

This really spoke to my heart. I did the best I could in that season of my life. I loved and I cared. But, I cannot get stuck looking back, thinking maybe I wasn't enough. And truthfully, in my humanness I wasn't "enough." Only Jesus Christ is "Enough."

I must press forward in Christ to the calling He has on my life. 

Jesus Christ will always be "Enough!!!" I must fix my eyes on Him and not look back.
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