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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Gloria Phifer

Come into the quiet place

Come into the Secret Place
Lay upon the water…Come away to God.

The oceans roar and wave
You are steady in My Hands

Come away Beloved…come into The Secret 


Place your hope and trust in God.

Quiet in the moment

Though noise abounds…waves lap and roar….

Within your heart I abide.

A rest secure.

Come into My Secret Place

Lay upon the Spirit, come away to God.

In the noise of mankind…

The search to fill the empty place…

Thirsting...thirsting…always parched…

Hungering…hungering…to fill their emptiness...

The sea of humanity…come away to God.

Come to The Living Water…the joy of The Holy

 Spirit instead of wine

See their loneliness…their emptiness

Their pain…their sorrow…

Their desperation to fill their thirst and their


Oh sea of humanity…find your rest in God.

Come away to God.

Matthew 11:28 Jesus said “Come unto Me, all you

 who labor and are heavy laden. Take My yoke 

upon you and learn of Me, for I AM meek and 

lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your

souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is


By Gloria Phifer …this was written three years

 ago as we were on a cruise. My heart was very 

sad, as it seemed there were some who were trying

so hard to find something to satisfy...but they still 

seemed unsatisfied... I know in my own life...Only 

Christ can fill that emptiness...that God shaped vacuum in each of our hearts...that's why He calls for us...To Come To Him.


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