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Friday, November 4, 2016

                                     A JOURNEY TO LIFE
Gloria Phifer

This December I enter my 73rd really is true.

I have been on a journey all my life.

My journey began in a little town of New Mexico called Magdalena. I was born to an 18 year old girl, who didn't really want to be pregnant.

I never really knew my father...they divorced when I was three and he moved to California.

My step dad, who I thought was my real father, until my 10th year. I was told he was not. That summer he was accidentally electrocuted on his job as a lineman for the public service company of New Mexico. Not only was he not my father...but now he was gone.

Another step dad. And entered in, the worse enemy we could encounter...addiction...alcohol and eventually drugs.

My journey brought me through going to 14 different schools. Never feeling secure or safe, eventually to seek for God's help.

There were times when The Lord would speak to my heart about giving my life to Him. (mind you, we didn't go to church) but I was praying for help. Somehow I knew it meant total surrender and I didn't want to give up control.

My journey led me to meet a young man from Iowa. He was in the air force, we both were 18 yrs old. We married when I was 19 and he was 20.

My journey brought me to the state of Iowa. My husband was sent to Alaska for a year in isolation, through the air force, and I couldn't go with him,

I lived with his family. Which sounds good, but it was very uncomfortable. After my husband left I realized I was pregnant.
Our daughter was born in January. My husband returned when she was 4 months old.

I was not going to live in sir...I was returning to New Mexico. God had a different plan...a different journey.

It consisted of a job offer for my husband. Moving to a town in Iowa, where Gloria went to church with a neighbor. I began reading in The Book of John. By this time I realized...I wasn't in control of my life and I needed help, because I fought so much fear.

At 22, I asked Jesus to come into my heart and journey really began. It was a journey in Light not darkness.

That has been a little over 50 years. In all journeys there are ups and downs. There are mountain having 3 children. Then there are valleys where your children and even your grandchildren grow up to began their own journeys. And they move out of state.

Letting go is a huge journey...entrusting the ones you love into The Lord's Hands, knowing He will be in charge, just like He has been in charge in my journey. He truly has led me to lay down in green pastures and beside the still waters. He has restored my broken soul. He has more than made up for my childhood..

He has given me a wonderful husband, we will be married 53 years this month. Three wonderful children and 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchildren.

My journey continues. and I walk in the path or righteousness with Him...My Shepherd...The One Who leads me on my journey. Someday my journey will take me to Heaven. With The Lord's help I want to live my journey here on the Light of Eternity. 

If you are struggling on your journey call out to Jesus Christ. I can guarantee you He will come and He will be your Shepherd on your journey. When The Shepherd is near...there is nothing to fear.
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