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Sunday, October 23, 2016

I am joining the bloggers of FMF...we write for five minutes...the subject is "Park."

                        A SEASON TO PARK IN

Gloria Phifer

I have been thinking a lot about the seasons of life...since I am in my ...hmmm...70's now. Whooo I just confessed it.

I think back to when my children were young. I would like to revisit that time...and park there. Now, that I can look back with a new perspective...I would have relished that time. When you are a young mother of three, in your 20's -30-40' goes day by day. And soon, much too soon...the years have passed by.

They are all grown. As are all of our grandchildren...except one who is 7. I loved being a mother (I still am actually) and grandmother (I actually still am). 

I am in a season of quietness. The phone, that use to ring off the hook, the doorbell that dinged from young people. All the cars the   teenagers our driveway is just a driveway until they visit from other states.

Rocking and caring for my children and grandchildren greatest joy.

I can't just "park", The Lord has work for me to do. Love to give, prayers to pray. And a season when I encourage young mothers to enjoy the time they are in. Because, there is no "parking" moves on.

I do embrace the season I am in. And I rejoice for all the seasons I have experienced...Thank You Lord.

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