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Monday, July 11, 2016


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the group of bloggers from FMF...the word is "Lose."

Have you ever hung on so tight because you didn't want to "lose?"

As a teenager, with a very dysfunctional home, I began praying 

for God's help.

I was walking home from school and this thought came as a question.  "Are you saved?" MMMm...this must be a spiritual question.

I had been sprinkled in the Methodist Church when I was 12.
But I couldn't answer the question with a yes. So, I began recounting what a good kid I was. I didn't drink, or smoke...and I told this thought... "You should see my friends."

Two scriptures came into my mind. (Just so you know, we were not church going people...let alone...knowing The Bible.)
"You must be born again. and it is a straight and narrow way."

Well, I shifted my school books in my arms as I walked. I knew in my heart I wasn't born again (although I didn't really know at that time what that meant.) I also knew in my heart that I wasn't on the
straight and narrow way. 

I felt that this was a life-changing decision. What would God do with me? I knew this meant everything...not just a small piece of myself...

Here I had been praying for help. Even then, I knew it was God.
But, I didn't want to give up control of my life.

Sorry to say, I dismissed (not a good word) the thought. I did think to myself that maybe I would when I got older. 

My life (my families life) kept spiraling downward, with my parents alcohol abuse and our constant moving. 

It is a long story, but when I was 22 yrs old  I knew I needed this "Born again and narrow way." I knew I needed God. I was fighting fear constantly. 

I began reading in the Book of John. It was like water to a thirsty person...which I was. I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my life. I guess The Lord knew I needed some strong evidence...because inside of me there was a strong shaking as I prayed.

We were talking about 15 I lost the opportunity that I should have taken. Once I came to The Lord. I found someone Who loved me and took care of me. 

If you are afraid of losing your life by coming to Christ (you know that control thing) Let me assure gain real life in Christ. You enter the most wonderful relationship you will ever have.
I was I am 72. Jesus is my Best Good Shepherd.

Coming to Jesus there is nothing to lose...only Abundant Life to gain.
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