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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Gloria Phifer

Last week was an incredible was a girls retreat Los Cabos Mexico.

Two of us stayed at a resort (It was the first time I ever had a hotel room by myself. I had a balcony. I could see the Pacific Ocean with mountains in the distance. At night, I didn't want to go to bed. I sat on the balcony listening to the ocean...looking up at the stars and praying.

The first day the song in my heart was "He is a good good Father, yes He is." My friend Gemma and I spent so much time in the Word and talking about what The Lord was teaching us.

The second day the song was "Time stood still." I asked The Lord to make time stand still while we were with Him in the special place.

The sound of the Pacific Ocean was so loud it sounded like thunder. Waves of green and aqua broke on the sandy shore. It made me realize, even more, the power and magnificence of my Father God.

Fish were jumping up in the air, as if to give us a show...we later found out they were sting was beautiful.
The Mexican people were so gracious. We ate, looking out at the ocean...huge birds flying over and small birds eating crumbs from the floor. I had the most delicious fruit I had ever eaten.

The quietness with God. Nothing to rush to. No television on. I didn't have internet. just listening...listening.

The third day the song was "Holy Spirit come...You are welcome with Your presence." 

It was sad to leave this beautiful place. to say goodbye to the mighty ocean and star lit sky...the palm trees and the bougainvillea blooming.

We thanked the Lord for this wonderful privilege when time stood still...our Father God was so good to us and The Holy Spirit surrounded us. a wonderful retreat that still lives in our hearts.

I am joining the FMF bloggers today. Happy Friday.
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