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Friday, August 21, 2015


Gloria Phifer


I am joining the Five Minute bloggers...the word is "Find."

His name was "Smokey Joe." He was completely gray. A lovable cat.

We had just taken him to the vet, in Prairie City, for a check up. He was fine. We stopped at my husbands brother's home in Monroe.

Because Smokey had been shut up for so long...I thought I would let him out for a few minutes and then put him back in the car. He was such a docile cat. He had always stayed with me.

As I let go of him...he ran to the bushes...I was calling to him and following him. I tried to get a hold on him, but wasn't able to grab him. I was panicked, as he ran into a corn field, behind my brother in laws house.

My husband and I immediately headed into the corn, calling for him. My husband saw him once...but Smokey ran away. We searched and called...but he would not come. We stayed until evening, looking for him. (We live about 40 minutes away.)

We returned the next day, and continued yelling his name and searching. Then, we got in the car, and knocked on the doors of farm houses...hoping someone had seen him.

10 days went by. We kept returning to Monroe...but nothing. (Also Smokey was declawed). One day, when we were home, there was a strong thunder storm. I wondered where he was...did he find shelter?

I kept praying.

 Our youngest son, Ted, said to me "Smokey is on his way back." 

I was reading the Bible and The Lord gave me the scripture about the lost sheep. When the sheep was found, The Shepherd put him on his shoulder. and showed everyone.  What was lost had been found.

There was an "Old Settlers" celebration in Monroe that weekend. 

My husband and I went out to his brothers house. I began calling Smokey. I asked my husband, "Do you think he can hear me?" He replied, "The whole neighborhood can hear you."

"Meow" came from the distance.  I continued calling and the "Meow's" came closer and closer. Finally, I could make out a shadow in a bush. I climbed into the bush and pulled out....yes, gray, wonderful cat...Smokey Joe!!! Thank You God!!!

I held him up to my shoulder all the way home. He purred and purred. In fact he purred all night. For a day or two, when he would try to go to sleep he would jerk awake. Poor baby he had been traumatized. But soon, he was his old, lovable self.

I will always be thankful to The Lord for hearing, answering and caring. He brought me back my Smokey.

Smokey Joe lived to be 19 years old.

If you have lost anything...God cares. Pray and ask Him to help you find it. He is faithful. 

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