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Friday, August 14, 2015


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the Five Minute bloggers...the word is "Learn."

Do you ever feel like you know something...only to find you need to learn it again?

That is the way it is with me and love. You would think that  I would always know that I'm loved, but there are times when once more...I see it. It may be in insecurity...some fear (perfect love casts out fear.) Not wanting to displease anyone. 

When I was journaling, about a week ago, I felt that The Lord said to me..."I Am always pleased with you!"  I said, "Really Lord? I need some scripture for that." I found scripture that said He takes pleasure in His people. But, I needed that word, "Pleased!!!"

At that time, a friend called and I told her what I heard The Lord say..."Do you think I was hearing right? I asked her.

"Absolutely!!!" she said. 

 I talked to the Lord about this again. He told me I had never felt that I could please anyone...that is why when He said that to hit me right in my heart!

He really knows where to zero in. I needed more healing there.

My instructions (and as I say this, I have not been obedient in this...need to get with the program.) The Lord said, "I want you to tell yourself over and over again, that I Am always pleased with you." 

I know I need to hear my own voice speaking it until it gets way down in my heart. 

I love that The Lord is always there to teach us...I really want to have a learning heart. 

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