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Friday, July 31, 2015


Gloria Phifer

     The alabaster halls were filled with activity, as each Gift of

 Joy was presented to The Maker before delivery.
 Reviewing His craftsmanship, the Maker displayed His 

pleasure, as He Bestowed His personal seal.  With each Bundle 

He placed a document, which

Read as follows:

"Greetings from the Maker of all good and perfect gifts:
 Please find en-wrapped, an endowment of immeasurable 

value…a Gift of Joy!

It is rare and unique: never to be produced again.
 Great responsibility and pleasure are extended toward you in 

the care, handling And maturity of this Gift.
 In the measure of time this Bundle will produce abilities and 

qualities that are to Be used for the Makers glory.
 From this Gift, an inheritance of great bounty will be brought 

forth for generations to come"

     Each Bundle was wrapped with love and sped to its 

destination. Many were received with thankfulness…but not so 

with others…

     Crying messengers filled the alabaster halls bearing their 

grievous news to the Maker of all:
"Sir, we come with sorrowful tidings.  Millions of the Gifts of 

Joy  have been rejected and returned unopened.  To make 

matters worse, they have been ill-treated, abused and 

 The Maker rose from His regal throne and descended to the 

Gate of Receiving.

Bending over, He tenderly touched the crushed, torn and broken 

bundles.  Their joy, uniqueness and promise would be forever 

                            All was silent…The Maker wept!

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