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Friday, July 3, 2015


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the FMF bloggers today...the subject is "Favorite."

Favorites...I have sooo many. I will start with the small favorites 1st.

My coffee in the morning with flavored creamer. Then my shake with almond milk, strawberries, chocolate protein and banana.
I basically drink my and water.

Seeing my husband 1st thing in the morning (actually this is one of the Big favorites.)

My favorite Kitty Cat...Muffin...he is a gorgeous rag-doll. Every morning he climbs on my lap while I watch one of my Christian channels.

My really Big one is my family. I am so thankful  The Lord has given me my husband, my children and grandchildren. I love them so much.  The are definitely FAVORITES!!! You Bunches and Ton loads of Favorites!!!

The sky is one of my favorites...I love to watch sunsets...and cloud formations...and stars...(If interested, please read my blog about my adventure to the observatory.)

Iowa is one of my favorite places. I married my husband. He was from Iowa. I have been here for "50" years. (I know.)

Friends are among my "favorites." I love to be with friends.

One of the things to do that is my laugh!!! I love to laugh!!!

A big one for me is The Lord called me to "Feed His Sheep," Many years ago. It is a great blessing and favorite to study and then write Bible Studies and teach them. It is a passion inside me. I love The Word of is so exciting and so full of's all about Jesus!!!

Speaking of Jesus...He is my Favorite. The song "Jesus Loves Me" still touches my heart. He has saved me from so much. He has given me "life." He has added and added to my life. I love You Lord Jesus Amen.

(I will also tell you...if you don't know me...I am a "girly girl". I like jewelry, I love to find a 65% off clothes. And I like make up. Yep...that's me.)

I hope Jesus is your Favorite also. He loves you so much. What ever you are going through right to Him about it...He Cares for you.!!!

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