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Sunday, March 22, 2015


Out of your provisional vision, in a department store, you almost 

bump into "someone" when you realize the "someone" is a 

manikin ...NOT REAL!!!

What does it mean "To be real?"  Sometimes, am I even 

real to my own-self? I can be harder on my self then on anyone

else. God and friends remind me who I really am. (It's that pulling down of old thought patterns.)

I have found it is not safe to be "real" with everyone. It is 

very vulnerable to let others know your weaknesses. And it's sad to say..but not everyone can handle your weakness. Not everyone wants to know the "real" you.

So, in truthfulness, you cannot share your inner self with everyone.

I want to be a "real" person. I want to be genuine. I want to really
care about others. I want to be a safe place...where others can be "real". Not that I have the answers, but I can listen.

One place I can be "real" is with God. The other day I was battling over something in my mind. I felt like the Lord told me to journal.

He told me not to come to Him with condemnation...because there is now "No Condemnation!" Romans 8:1.

 He also told me "He delights in me." To show you what frame I was in...I said to Him...
More then once..."Really Lord...really?" I need a confirmation on
that one..

.My Bible was open to Isaiah...I looked across at the left 
 page...and there it the middle of Isaiah 62: 4  "For the Lord delights in you...!!!  

At the beginning of the verse it says "You shall no more be termed Forsaken and your land will
no longer be Desolate..." I have felt forsaken...there was a time I did feel desolate.

So here was my Lord assuring me of His love for me. In the margin of my Bible it was called "Restoration." Yes, I have been restored. 

The next scripture was Psalm 18:19 "He brought me out into a spacious place...He rescued me because He delighted in me"  Wow!!!

By this time I am crying...Really Lord?...Yes, really He delights in me. 

He has given me a "spacious place" so I can be all He has meant for me to be.A place where I can stretch and grow.

I told Him, "Lord You know me better then I know myself. And You delight in me. ...What words can I say? Lord, why am I so special to You? The wonder of it is beyond describing."

In Psalm 18:9 It talks about His rescuing me...I say this alot...He really did "rescue me." and according to this scripture He rescued me because "He delights in me."
Now, to me my heart cries out at this...that He wanted me...He rescued me because He delights in me? If you have been rejected and not wanted from the beginning...this is life changing!!!

A friend and I were talking the other day and she said we have to apply what God has given us. So...I will remember and carry around with me that God is delighting in me. 

I remember when my children and grandchildren were little and how I delighted in everything they did. They were miracles to me. Is that the way God sees me?

I find I can be "real" with God and He will be "real" to me.

I want the "real" in my life. I want to live and breathe and have my being "In God!" That is "realness!"


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