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Friday, March 13, 2015


This Friday...Five minute's word is PLAN.

Those famous words: "Do you have a plan"  and your mind

goes blank...plan?...there is a "Plan?"

 I have some years behind me now (hummm) some admission there.

I can look back and see where "God had the plan!!!"

I had decided when I was 16 what I was going to do.  But....

it never happened. I was just going my life...and yes,

I was messing it up!!!(broken pieces every where.)

I lived in New Mexico...did not know where Iowa was...(maybe I could find it on a map???

Never had met a guy from Iowa before. Wasn't sure I was 

interested the first time I met him...His air force hat was pulled down over his eyes...and he hardly said a word.

Oh well, I had my own plan. But looking back (as I can now, 52 years later...God had a plan.

Yes, Gloria was on God's radar...and I didn't know it...why would

He take a time to have a plan for me ...of all people...that is what I probably would have thought. (and still do really)

Many know my know the plan He had for me and the 

"cute Iowa guy."  Like 51 years of marriage..3 children...7 grandchildren plus two bonus grandchildren. 

I became an "Iowan," No one would ever know I wasn't "born and raised here.  Yes, I love sweet corn and fresh tomatoes.

The greatest plan was my salvation.  Did I know I needed God?

Well, not until He showed me this great emptiness in my heart 

Then...He showed me "Jesus!!!" 

When I read in Ephesians that He had planned me from the 

foundations of the World...I was blown away...

There was a great plan..."For Me!!!"  Amazing!!! Truly Amazing!!!

Thank God He never let my plan succeed...who knows where I 

would have ended it was a real "rescue mission" as many

of you know (If you know my story.)

Do you know...He plans for me (and you, when you accept Jesus

as your Savior) to live with Him FOREVER!!!

I can only say...It is "AWESOME!!!" 

Take a look at "your plan."  Look at Jesus Christ...He has an 

INCREDIBLE PLAN FOR YOU!!!  Trust me...I know it's true!!!

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