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Friday, March 27, 2015


I am joining the Friday Five Minute blog ...we write for five minutes...the word today is "Break."

 The break of day when the light appears on the horizon and darkness flees.

To break bread with someone...fellowship

over a meal.

Breakfast...breaking the fast of the long night.

In Judges 2:1 The Lord said He would never break His Covenant.

Prov. 25:15 "A gentle tongue can break a bone." Wow I need to 

to remember that one.

There is also the heart that is broken...

a break in a relation ship

A spirit of a person can be broken by abuse and in so many ways.

I have experienced the breaking of my heart.

There have been times in my life that I broke.,,,  I fell apart in pieces.

When I am in pieces there is only One Place to fall...

On Jesus. After my brokenness and spending time with Him

and His Word... I am never the same.

There is a new wholeness.

I want to live a "broken life" when it comes to My Lord.

I am only a vessel...a clay vessel...the scars or cracks allow

His presence to be seen in me.  It reminds me of my dependance

on Him.  I can not go it alone.... 

There can actually be beauty in brokenness.

In this life, to break is to become vulnerable...we realize our

frailness...our inability to control the world around us.

But, in those times of brokenness to The Source

of All Comfort...Jesus Christ.  He knew what it was to

be broken. He was broken on the cross for our He

could bring us wholeness. 

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