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Sunday, March 29, 2015


This morning a memory kept coming to my mind. At that time

I didn't realize the protection of God...but now...I can see how 

He protected me over and over again.

The year before, when I was 12 yrs old, I almost drowned. The boy

with me did drown.

 In 8 ft of water (we had swam into a hole in the Rio Grande river)

 they speculated that I had pushed myself up over and over again

 from the bottom of the river. This was unconsciously done. I 

remember looking up through the yellow water to the light above 

and yes, my 12 yrs of life did pass before me.  Ray's (the boy who

 drowned) dad jumped in and saved me. But, it was too late for 

Ray. The thought kept coming to me..."Would you have gone to

 heaven?" And I could not answer "yes."

The memory I kept thinking of this morning was the following summer...I was 13. Angie and her cousin Eric had asked me
to go to the drive in movie with them. Angie and I were both 13 and Eric was old enough to drive.

After the movie, the car would not start. Eric went to get some
help. It seemed like forever and I knew my mother was not 
going to be happy. So, yes, it was my idea to leave the drive in
and walk back into Socorro (New Mexico) where we were living
at the time.

The drive in was a good mile or more from town.  Angie and 
I walked the dark highway...heading for the lights of Socorro.
It was probably about 10PM.

A pickup and a car passed us and then slowed down and turned
around towards us. I knew immediately this was not a good

The pickup and car blocked us in. Angie was scared. I was
alarmed. One man got out of the pickup and another man
got out of the car. They had been drinking. (Coming from a home where alcohol was a problem) I knew immediately.

"Well, what do we have here?" Asked the man from the pickup.
"Looks like a couple cuties!" 

They stepped toward us. A calm came over me and I can only
describe it "As a great boldness" rose up inside me.

I took Angie's arm, turned her around, and we walked away
from the two men. 

Looking back, it was a miracle, they never spoke another word.
and did not follow us.

We went back to the drive in and back to Eric's car. He was 
wondering where we were. He had just had the car jumped...the
battery was dead.

I am amazed when I think of the times God saved me. This
boldness would happen every time there was danger.

I was too young to be out running around. My mother allowed 
me to date at 12 yrs old. I actually wanted her to say "no."
I think, because I matured early, she thought of me as more mature 
then I was.

I thank God, He watched over me. Even though, at that time,
I was not aware of His presence. I know now the boldness came
from Him. And I am sure my guardian Angel was on assignment.

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your incredible love for me... 
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