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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Good morning...I am a day late for Five Minute Friday blog but I decided to write anyway The word is "Open."

It may sound strange, but I love the word "Open." It is a positive word ...a word that means something is available to me.

As many of you know I love gifts...because I get to "open" them up and see what is inside. Somehow they convey to me that I am loved. ( One of those 5 love languages).

I love people who are open.  They share and don't shut themselves off from me. Those are who real friends are.

Friends that I can be "open" with and share my heart and I know they will always care and think well of me.

I have found I can be "Open" with God. I was hesitant to pour out my heart to Him at first. ( probably because when I tried to tell others how I felt...there were times I felt rejected. And decided I would not do that again.) But, what I found was...The more I poured out my heart to The Lord...the closer I felt to Him. I found comfort in being open with Him. I found He was a lot easier on me then I am on myself...that "No condemnation thing Romans 8:1.

If you need someone to be "open" with, I know The Someone...

He is a wonderful listener who will never reject you and understands.   

You will find that He will be open with you. He will never withhold Himself. He will always be available. He is True Love. His Name is Jesus Christ. The Savior of the world. John 3:16.

I pray, where you have been open and been hurt or rejected, that the area will be healed. I pray,that the Lord brings people into your life that you can be safe and open Jesus Name Amen.

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