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Monday, May 26, 2014



  •                                               THE HAND OF GOD

Today I have been thinking of my loved ones who are not on this
earth anymore. 

It's interesting how time gives a person a different perspective.

My mother went to be with the Lord three years ago. She was 18 years older then me. She had auburn hair and her brown eyes reflected the color of her hair. 

It was a complicated relationship. She was really a broken child. At 17 she found out she was expecting me.  As the years went by I knew she loved me, but I also felt she resented me. She became an alcoholic. I won't go into the whole story but it was  a hard, insecure childhood. I always loved her. There was no "not" loving her. I believe the Lord gave me that grace from the time I was little.

When I was 22 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

Three years later, I had the wonderful privilege of kneeling, at our couch, and praying with my brother to accept the Lord. 

A few months later my brother and I walked down the church aisle and our mother accepted Christ.  It is sad to say but our mother and step dad went back into the alcoholic and drug life style. The Lord promised me He would deliver them and after 7 years...He did!!!

My step dad, Deryl called me one night and the Lord gave me the wonderful experience of praying with him to receive Jesus as his Savior. 

 My Aunt Ruby ( she was always so loving to me) accepted Jesus.

I now know that many of my cousins have come to the Lord. 

My mother told me that my grandmother began to read her Bible and really changed before she died.

I use to ask the Lord. "Why did you put me in this family of origin? Why couldn't I have been born into a Christian family like many of my friends?

My Mom, Deryl, Grandma, Aunt Ruby are all in heaven. I know where they came from. I know their life stories.... I have seen the grace of God. I have seen Him deliver and save.

How could I ask for another family?  For I have seen the Hand of God!!! 

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