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Friday, May 23, 2014


Good is Friday...I am joining Lisa Bakers blog this morning. We write for 5 minutes.

The word to day is "CLOSE."

To me the opposite word of "Close" is "lonliness."

I am a social person. I enjoy having friends. I am not a "surface"

friend. If you are my friend...I care about you. 

I love sitting next to my husband at night on the couch. Our ragdoll, cat sits with us. We call it "Family time." I love the closeness. 

heart on sleeve : I LOVE YOU written on a red balloon and a hand which let the balloon fly in front of deep blue sky

When our children come to visit I love the closeness. They are grown and live in different states. I cried when each one moved away. 

I wear my sleave on my heart. That means a person usually knows how I feel.

The Closeness that I long for the Most is with Jesus Christ. I cannot live without His presence.  To be Close is a gift. To love the Lord and others is Closeness.

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