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Friday, May 2, 2014


It is Friday...Five Minutes of writing with Lisa Bakers Blog...the word is "Mess."

I have never liked a mess.  Although I am not a complete perfectionist...I've tried it but it drives me nuts...I have too much creativity...and that is where my energy lies.  So...I've given myself a break.  I will kill germs...etc. but if papers are on the table...guess what? I have decided to let them lay there until I get around to it.

I actually miss "A Mess". All my children, and now grandchildren (except for one 5 yr old.) are all grown. I miss the toys.  I miss cleaning  dirty faces covered with jam or peanut butter...or both.

I miss the dirty diapers (I know hard to believe.) 

when they were teens...I miss the phone ringing off the hook. One lady at work asked me what was going on at my house (at that time)...there are always cars parked.  Well, lets husband had his car, I had my car and three children had their their friends cars.

I miss figuring out what to cook each evening (my husband eats at 5... no later.) for 5 people.  And cleaning up afterwards.

 I miss the birthday parties and holidays on Grant St. where we raised our kids.

Yes, I miss the MESS.  Oh Lord bring the mess back to me.

Now, our house is sooo quiet except for the TV. Occasionally the phone rings.  We have our two cars in the garage...never have to ask someone to move their car so we can back out.

There are no toys to pick up. No children to give baths and put to bed. No mounds of laundry.

Yes...I loved the mess!!! I am so thankful I had that mess. 
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