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Friday, April 4, 2014


Good morning. I am joining Lisa Jo Bakers Friday morning blog ...the subject is WRITING.

What is there about writing that can make a person feel better?

Writing is therapeutic for me.  I have stacks of journals down in the basement.  I debate, should I keep all of them are not?  They are full of the wonderful times I have had; plus the struggles.  They are filled with my private thoughts and prayers.

 They are full of God's promises to me.

I write out my prayers and my feelings.  When I'm reading the Word I write the scripture that is speaking to my heart.

I love to write. It is so creative. So freeing. I have received a lot of healing through writing. My perspective changes and I see things in a clearer light....clarity.

I do recommend writing.  writing is a personal is all about what is inside you.

No one needs to read it but you...write down your attributes, what you are thankful for, what you are struggling with.
Share yourself with paper and pen....write.

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