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Friday, March 28, 2014

It’s MIGHTY because you are.

Gloria Phifer


Have you ever wanted to be "mighty?"When I was 

seven years old I had a hero.  She was in my comic 

books...she was beautiful...but mighty.  She wore her

 red, white and blue proudly. Nothing ever harmed 

her...she was invincible, according to my comic 

books. When bullets were fired they rickshaw ed off 

her bracelet cuffs.  She would take her lasso of truth

 and put it around the enemy...and they could do
 nothing but tell the truth.  Oh the bad guys she caught and subdued.

I daydreamed about being "Wonder Woman." In my

 imagination I would lead a group of women and we 

would round up all those "bad guys". Yes, I would be 


As life continued, I grew up and put my comic books away.
But I think about the 'Might" of women.  Are we

mighty when we carry children for nine months and

 go through the pain to give birth ?( every mother 

knows what I am talking about.) After holding that

 wonderful, soft baby in your arms, the pain is 

forgotten. (And incredibly, even after the pain, we

 desire more children).  Are we mighty when we 

watch over our children...nourish for

 them?   When they are brand new...we get out of our

 beds and check on them to be sure they are 

breathing and all is well.

When they are sick and throw up during the night,

 we clean they up, put on new sheets, give them

 medicine and rock them until they are asleep.  It is

 the "Mighty" love of the mother, where her child 

always comes first.

Those times are precious to me as I think of rocking that child during the night as the house was quiet.

Are we "mighty" as we take care of our household?

  As we pray for each one and hold them dear to our

 hearts even when they grow too big to be rocked. 

 When they are old enough to leave the house and begin their own lives...we are still on our knees.

There is a scripture in Ephesians 6..."BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT."

We are an army of Mighty Women who love and care

 for our families. Who stand against enemies and are

 always in prayer. We do have the truth and that

 truth is love. We do have weapons and those 

weapons are faith and believing in our God Who 

loves our children even more then we do. A God Who

 is with them even when we can't be.   He is the 
 Mighty One.
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