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Friday, March 14, 2014

                                     Write for 5 minutes on a subject. The word today is "Crowd."
gloria phifer

                                                    THE SEA OF HUMANITY

Three weeks ago my husband and I went on a cruise. We were celebrating our 50th Anniversary.

It was a large ship. Over 2,000 cruisers, plus crew.

I have been on two other cruises. This third one was different. Before we left the dock it became a

party ship. When we entered  international waters the casino opened. The smoke drifted around the ship.

I do not want this to sound judgmental. I was surprised. Young or old, no one we ate dinner with was married.

It was like the Lord was opening my eyes to the loneliness, the hunger, the thirst of humanity. He laid them on my heart. Laying in bed at night, I prayed for them.

There were times when I was able to talk to three ladies and they opened their hearts. I also talked to the waiters. They work 10 hours a day. Their contract is to work 7 months on the ship. They are away from family. Two men told me they miss their family. Our wonderful lady, who waited on our table at night, told me that she and her husband work on the ship. For 7 months their daughter lives  with her grandmother in Jamaica.

The Ukrainian situation was just beginning. I talked to a young waiter who is from Ukraine. He was very upset.

It was a crowded ship. On this ship and everywhere we go...God loves these people. He knows their hurts, their struggles. In the middle of this crowd, each person was an individual who has their own story.

I thank the Lord for this experience. It was as if He was giving me sight. He loves each individual person and longs for them to know Him.  HE CARES!!!

Oh Lord reveal Yourself to mankind. Only You can fill the emptiness

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