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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Minute FridayGOOD MORNING...It is 5 minute Friday...the word for today is "Willing."

              What am I willing to do?  Where does my willingness begin and where does it end.?

Am I willing to listen to another?  Am I willing to have empathy?  Am I willing to go

the 2nd mile for another? Am I willing to be inconvenienced?

                          Lord I am willing to forgive...give me a forgiving heart.

               Am I willing to take the time to pray for someone?  To intercede?
                        I willing?

            Lord, am I willing to take the time to read Your Word?  Am I willing to be still and listen to You?

             To give up my own agenda... and spend time with You?

Lord I long for "Willing!"

                                             A willing heart that follows hard after You.

heart shape : Heart of fruits and vegetables It is  my heart reaching out to You.  I am longing to be willing. 

  Lord, I am willing.... produce Your fruit in me.

                                    With all my love Jesus... Gloria...give me a "Willing Heart."

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