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Friday, February 28, 2014


Five Minute FridayIt is 5 minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker...the subject is..."Choice."

Choice is a gift.  God has given us free will. He never demands our love...He desires it.

What  a wonderful ability.  I can chose.

As a child I was not able to chose where I lived or what went on in our home. I lived in chaos and an alcoholic home.  Moving was almost an every year event.  I was a very fearful, confused child. My feelings were not taken into consideration.

I had been told as a 6 or 7 yr old that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He loves me. This knowledge (which had to have been from the Holy Spirit of God) lodged in my heart. I knew Jesus was my Friend.

At the age of 16 I chose to get engaged to a fellow who's father was an alcoholic. My mother gave permission for me to marry. Lo and behold, every time we were going to get married...he broke up with me. I was devastated.  Oh the ability to look back and see the Hand of God. I was spared a terrible life because he became an alcoholic.

During the years beginning at 12 years old, when I almost drowned, and the friend with me did drown...there was the question of Heaven.  If I had drowned would I have gone to heaven? I couldn't say "yes" to that question.

At 15 when walking home from school one day. I had been praying for help for our family. a lot was going on and I was afraid. A question came into my mind, "Are you saved?" I told this question what a good girl I was..."I don't drink, I don't should see my friends."  Two scriptures came into my mind. (And mind you I did not know the Bible) "It is a straight and narrow way and you must be born again."  Wow! I knew this meant giving my life to God. But, I wanted to control my life. So I said to the "question." Maybe when I am older...I'm too young.  Wrong choice.

Did I really believe that I was in control when everything around me was falling apart? Yes, things got worse. It would take a lot of writing to explain it all.  Thank God He never gave up on me.

I chose to marry a fellow who was in the Air Force...good choice. He was from Iowa. Looking back...oh the blessing of hind site...God was moving me towards salvation. I became pregnant right away but had a miscarriage. In my lack of knowledge of God's nature I thought He was mad at me and was punishing me.

My husband received orders for a base in Alaska for a year and I could not go.  I came to Iowa and lived with his parents. Once more I thought God was punishing me. I was very depressed. we had only been married 6 months.

After he left, I realized I was pregnant, I rejoiced! Having our daughter gave me a reason to live.
She was almost 4 months old when he returned home.

We moved to a small town in Iowa. He got a job. I stayed home with our baby. One neighbor was "Baptist" and the other neighbor was "Open Bible." I went to church with the Baptist and they told me where to begin reading my Bible...the Book of John. It was water to my soul ...I saw Jesus.

At 22, I made a choice...I  chose Jesus!!! I gave Him my life.  The best choice I ever made!!!

That was over 40 years ago. He has been so good to me.

If you are struggling in any out to Jesus Christ...He is a wonderful, gentle Savior...make Him your choice.

Gloria Phifer
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