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Saturday, January 25, 2014


This morning I am joining Lisa Bakers Five minute..the word for today is "VISIT"

Our grandsons

I have wonderful memories of Visits. It is so true that no person is an Island...we all need each other.

I remember as a child visiting my favorite Aunt...her name was Ruby. I was just sure the chocolate cookies she made were just for me. (Even though at that time she had three children). Her eyes would light up when she saw me. I felt that I was special to her.

We visited my grandmother, whose name was also "Ruby." She was 4'11 inches tall. She was pure dynamite. She had raised eight children. Now she was self sufficient. She ran her own novelty store in Albuquerque. She always allowed my brother and I to get a cola out of the machine and have a candy bar.

In my thirties I had an extensive surgery. I was preparing to go to the hospital when the doorbell rang. There were two of my friends and a large white box with a ribbon on top. They had come to visit me before my surgery. Inside of the box was a matching robe and night gown.

After surgery, I barely opened my eyes and there was another friend (Shirley Murphy) smiling down at me.

The following day I had twenty eight friends come and visit me. (Many people would have wanted to be left alone.) But, I felt loved.

When I was raising our children most of the mothers did not work. We would visit each other, drink coffee and watch our children play together.

Now I am a grandmother.  Our children are grown. They live in three different states. We love to have them visit. It is what memories are made of. And we visit them.

This has been a year of celebration. In November our children came to celebrate our 50th anniversary. It was a wonderful time of memories.

In December I turned "70"! (I know, I know) My wonderful friends gave me a Princess party. (Two actually). As each person walked in to the party I thought of the time we have spent together and how the Lord has worked in each of our lives, as our journeys have joined together.

I have such sweet memories...of wonderful visits with family and friends...I am truly thankful.
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