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Saturday, January 11, 2014


                                                   By  Gloria Phifer

I am joining Lisa Bakers Five Minute Friday...write on a subject for five minutes...the subject is "SEE"

The ability to see.  There was a time I didn't "see" spiritually.  I had no revelation that 

I was living in a world of darkness.  Because I had been born into that world, I thought it 

was normal. 

My world consisted of moving almost every year. An alcoholic mother and step dad. Fear

and uncertainty were always present.

My world began spiraling down.  I wasn't sure life was worth living.  And how did a person

live in a world of chaos?  How did  a person live, when the ones you expected to love you ,

were emotionally and verbally abusive?

I had told myself I was so strong that I could endure and live.  But, the truth was, I was

falling apart. At 18 years old, I lay in bed looking out at the full moon, debating if life was 

worth living.  

I had been told when I was 7 years old that Jesus is the Son of God and that He loved me.

This truth had taken root in my heart. (It was a Truth that I could see even in the darkness). 

The thought would come to me..."Don't give up, keep going."  The song "Jesus loves me 

would come in my time of loneliness. 

One of the greatest ability to "see" was when I was convicted that I was a sinner.

The ability to "see" that I needed a "Savior." 

I began to read the Book of John in the Bible. (Someone had to tell me where to begin).

I saw Jesus. The Word was like water to my soul. The Word spoke to my wounded heart.

It said, if I came to Jesus He would take me in.  I cried out to Him. I was truly born again.

It was as if I had never seen before. I came into the Kingdom of Light. 

The sun was brighter...the grass was greener...I noticed the sunset of teal blue with 

gold waves that turned pink and then orange. 

My life took on meaning.  I was born to know my God. I was not an accident...Through

the Holy Spirit I was able to see that my life was ordained by God. 

Oh the ability to "See" the Light. To see my Savior. To see my Heavenly Father. To see that 

I am a temple of the Holy Spirit. The ability to "See" that I am loved.

Thank You Father God for the ability to "SEE."

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