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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Lady Gloria Phifer

Downton Abbey. Yes, I am a fan! Downton Abbey is a British series. My husband and I have checked out the series from the local library (Many times). Every time we watch it…even though we really know what is going to happen…we still comment and watch each crises with fascinated attention. Yes, we are hooked on Downton Abbey.

When Pamuk (a Turkish man) came into Mary's bedroom…I would have screamed….  and  I would have given Mary some pepper spray…as I'm still advising…"Scream Mary…scream." But then, the plot would not thicken and the secret would never be kept.
Sybil (Jessica Brown Finley) was my favorite of the sisters. And what does the writer do??? She died in child birth! It was so moving I had tears.
Then on Christmas Day I was watching the previews of new movies with my family in our local theater…we looked at each other and said…"There is Sybil!!! There she was on the big screen. Now in Downtown Abbey Sybil never showed any skin.  (Would someone please cover up our Sybil on that big screen!!!)

After that preview, another one came on. There, bigger then life, was Lord Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) Sybil's father in Downton Abbey. He is in a movie too.  I have never been fond of Robert.  He tends to be angry a lot. He turns and bellows. He has a haughty attitude. He also does not show enough respect for his long suffering wife…Lady Crawley. (Elizabeth McGovern…an American actress.) Plus, he spent her money!!!

I have said to my daughter and husband "how can Rob James Collier play the part of Thomas?" I do not like some of his scenes. But, you either dislike him or feel sorry for him. He is a good actor. It's the kissing stuff that makes me say…"Oh Yuck!!!"

The end of the last series I was really upset with the writer…you'll have to see it to believe it.  I'll tell you what…he leaves a person on a cliff hanger. (Some one help me back up the cliff.)

I loved Matthew (Dan Stevens). Such a romantic figure. Finally things are going well…and well…BAM!!! I'M OVER THE CLIFF AGAIN!!!


I got tired of Bates being in prison…such a dreary place.  Anna is soooo long suffering…sooo dedicated. (I could have done with out the scene of the night when they finally got married.)

Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton), Matthews mother, is always into what ever stew is going on. Couldn't she just stay out of every thing…but no…she always wants to help…always!

My favorite person is Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith) she is the mother of Robert and the grandmother of Roberts's daughters. She is a terrific actress. She can say more with a look then any other actress. Her timing is perfect!  And of course she says, "I am Never wrong."  That's right…"NEVER!"

I had my picture taken for my husband for our 50th anniversary.  I wanted to be a Downton Abbey character. So I put on my Victorian hat and outfit.  I had a ball!!! Just call me "Lady Gloria Phifer."

If I lived in that area I would want to be an aristocrat. I wouldn't want to be chained to a stove like Mrs. Patmore…or be a housekeeper like Mrs. Hughes…although she looks really important with her hanging keys…she can open up all the doors and gives orders.

Carson is the Head Butler.  He is arrogant but underneath he has a soft heart. He says he is "The Head that rules the house!"  He definitely believes he is in charge.  (The whole family adores him…..even Robert!)

I'm not sure why a married woman gets breakfast in bed.  A person would have to be sure not to spill their tea.

I would be uncomfortable having someone wait on me all the time. I suppose I would need a ladies maid to tighten my corset.  Oh dear…I just remember…one of the things I would love is …"Breakfast is served, lunch is served and the dinner is served." That might mess up my corset!!! I would love to wear the beautiful gowns and tiaras and dress up every night for "dinner." And entertain interesting guests.

I think I would enjoy "Coming out." Getting a new gown and meeting the King and Queen…yes, I'd like that…plus the "Ball!!!"

As you can see Downton Abbey has had an affect on me.  The new series premiers January 5th, Sunday night…join in on the fun (or crises, or cliff hanger…I'll be hanging over the cliff with you.)

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