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Friday, November 1, 2013

MUFFIN KITTY CAT name is Muffin Kitty Cat...but I'm usually called "Baby." My human mother prayed for a cat she wouldn't be allergic to and God I am.

I weigh 19 pounds and am 3 feet long. Yes, I'm beautiful...God made me that way.  He made me special. I like to be held morning and night. I love "family time." I do not like my routine to be interrupted. I eat expensive food because I have a "pedigree." Yes, I am a Rag Doll.

I like to be with my human mother every morning when she is having her devotions...I try to get on her lap but there are always other things on her lap. So I lay close by, so I know where she is. When I'm not feeling good (which is not often) my human mother puts something oily on me and prays for me. Yes, I'm surrounded by prayer and she always thanks God for giving me to her.

My human father likes to do interesting things. He calls me construction cat because I like to get involved...he feeds me in the morning, so he is on my good side. 

I love to lay down...mostly upside down. you can rub my tummy. Once in a while...when I get the energy...I have a wild hair...and I know I sound like a "Lion." (But, no one seems to be whats the use....I calm down and lay upside down again.)

I don't like baths (I had one once...Yuck!) but I do like sinks and bath tubs...My human dad and Mom turn on the knob in the bath tub so I can have a drink when ever I want to.

I have my own bedroom...the bottom of the linen closet...JUST DO NOT SHUT THE DOOR!!!.     One of my favorite things to do is hit the door stops when someone is in the bathroom..."Bing...Bing". I love it! And I get attention.

If you look down at the bottom of the bathroom door you will see my paw...I have pink cushions on the bottom of my feet. I am only trying to let you know I am there.

Oh yes, on the bottom of my legs I have fur puffs out,
except for the bottom of my legs. I don't need stockings...I have my own.

There is so much more I could tell you about me but I'm sure my human mother will brag on me...I'm such a blessing in her life. God made me are some pictures to prove it.

(I forgot to tell you...Grandchildren come to see me.)



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