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Friday, November 8, 2013

Good Morning. It is five minute Friday. Five minute Friday is connected to Lisa Jo blog. One word is given and you write for five minutes this morning the word is "Truth."

Truth is so important to me. The opposite of truth is lies. 

Jesus said, "you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free."

I have found that true in my life. Lies build strongholds in our lives and keep

us  from freedom. When you see the Truth the strongholds are dismantled.

I was raised in a home where truth was not what mattered...only survival.

In fact, they did not see that they were not living in truth.

Their lives were full of superstition and fear. 

It was a family who kept secrets. Important things were kept in the closet and

never discussed. It was too painful to look at or talk about. 

There were forbidden subjects.  Those subjects needed to be brought

to the light of truth. Because they did not know how to deal with them

they acted as if those issues did not exist. If they were ever discussed it 

was in hush tones.

I found Truth...Jesus Christ...when I was 22 yrs old. There was persecution

from my family. "What are you getting your self into?" 

 This was an upset to the way everything was done. You could talk about a ...

certain point, but to give your life to Him meant you were stepping out of

their bounds. My mother had always told me "Don't get too religious

you don't want to be a "religious fanatic."

My finding Truth rocked their boat. 

And finding Jesus the Truth rocked my boat. Lies I had believed about 

myself and others and life now had the Light of Truth shining into that

darkness (which I hadn't known we lived in).

I have truly found that Truth sets a person free. I long for more of Truth in my

life. I want to live in Truth. Lies tie you in a knot.  Truth unties the knots

and gives freedom.

My finding Truth...Jesus Christ...changed my family.  Many of them came to 

Truth and were set free from lies, alcohol, occultism, the list goes on.

I give praise and thanksgiving to The Truth, Jesus Christ, who came into

my life and set me free.  "He who has the Son of God is free indeed."
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