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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Gloria Phifer

            This was the dance my teen age friends and I had anticipated for so long. Laughter and Country music echoed against the walls of the large hall.

            Suddenly, in one moment of time, the dancers and music faded into the distance. I felt so alone…alone in a midst of a crowd.

            I was aware of a deep emptiness. An intense longing. A chamber so deep: pleading to be filled. A hollow loneliness I could not describe.

            A partner reached out his hand and I twirled into the dance.
            I never forgot that moment in time, as I stood all alone, in the midst of the crowd. My heart had been unveiled.
            No dance, laughter or fun could ever fill the longing, the loneliness, the emptiness within…
            God's Spotlight had revealed my inner being.

            My heart was an empty place, until I cried out to You.
            Your Presence filled the deep chambers within…
            Your love fit perfectly in my longing.
            My Dear Jesus Christ
            My Savior… my own.
            You gave me Life…
            I will never be alone.

John 1:9 He was the True Light, Who lights every man who comes into the world. 


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