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Saturday, September 28, 2013



Gloria Phifer             

                It was a warm September day. I was returning a DVD to the local library.

As I walked through the parking lot...I spotted something colorful.

It was a child's barrette with colorful ribbons.

I was amazed it hadn't been run over. The parking lot was very busy.

I stooped and picked it up...examining was in perfect shape.

I thought of keeping it and giving it to my four year old granddaughter.

"Take it to the library desk," was the thought that came into my mind..

I walked into the cool library (one of my favorite places)

and went to the desk.

"I found this in the parking lot," I said to the blond librarian.

She smiled broadly, "We have been looking all over the library for that."

I  looked at her, wondering why the barrette was so important.

"The grandmother called and asked if we could find it for her."

The librarian received the barrette and turned, ready to call the grandmother..."Thank you for bringing it in."

I thanked the Lord I had heard Him...

It was a small miracle in a ordinary place.
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