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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Gloria Phifer

            A slave, I stood bound by the shackles of sin.  My clothing was ragged and stained.  My appearance was a reflection of my condition.

            The auction block of the world stood before me.  I was pushed with a stream of humanity as our taskmaster surveyed his possessions. 

            Promises of pleasures for my flesh had lured me deeper into sin.  With each new venture, chains of bondage tightened their grip on my soul.  Fettered and shackled, I was helpless to free myself.  The deceiver had fed his lies and now I was powerless to escape.

            “Thirty pieces of silver…who will give me the price of a slave?” Satan laughed as he pushed me forward. 
            The auction block felt cold as I stumbled upon it.
            “She’s a born loser.  Who will pay me the price for this slave?” he continued.
            The crowd taunted me with jeers and cruel jesters.  There was no kindness, only contempt.
            “She’s not worth the price of a slave.” Satan yelled as he brought the whip into the air.
            I braced myself bending low against the expected blow.  The whip never lowered but Satan stood transfixed with his hand poised in the air.  Could that be an expression of fear on the face of the Prince of Fear?
            A soft stirring was felt in the crowd.  A gentle breeze touched my fevered face.  I lifted my head and watched as a figure moved with authority through the crowd toward the auction block.  Standing before me stood the Presence, the stature of a man, and yet more than a man.  I looked into eyes filled with deepest love…searching deep into my soul…the longings…the chains…the hurts.  I was transfixed by his look.  Hope quivered within.
            Satan, regaining his strength, stepped forward, “You’ll not have her,” he said with a trembling voice.  “She’s mine, You’ll not use her for Your purposes.”
            With great magnitude and splendor, Jesus spoke with authority:
“I paid the price for her freedom.  If she chooses to accept My provision, she shall go free!”
            The choice was mine!  Would I stay a slave to sin and bondage or accept freedom from the Son of God?
            “I will accept the price You paid, You are the Savior of my soul!”  With each word my spirit grew stronger.
            Chains lay broken at my feet.  Gone were the ragged, stained clothes of sin. Garments white as snow covered me.  I moved with freedom and joy.  “For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”
            Satan fled.  The auction block and the crowd vanished from view.  Jesus and I alone were left.  I looked into my Saviors eyes as He spoke, “My child, I have redeemed you.  I paid the price for your freedom with my life’s blood that was shed for you.  Your value is priceless to me.  Never return to the auction block of sin where men are sold as cheap possessions.  Stay close to My side and free from the lure of the world.  I have the highest purposes for you.  The stream of humanity must be told of the price I paid.  I commission you to take the good news that he whom the Son of God sets free is free indeed.”

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