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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gloria Phifer

Jesus is the Messiah.  He is the Promised One.  The Seed of Abraham.  The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

            Jesus is the Messiah.  He is the Priest and King Who embodies both offices together.
            He is called Jesus for He saves His people from their sins.  He is a Rock to stand upon.  He is the Ark of the Covenant.  He is the Sun of righteousness Who arises with healing in His wings.
            Jesus is the Messiah.  My personal Messiah!  My Friend Who stickiest closer than a brother.  The everlasting Father, the Savior and Lover of my soul.  My Counselor and the Prince of Peace . He speaks peace to my heart and someday will speak peace to the whole world.
            Jesus is the Messiah!  The Anointed One! Emmanuel, God with us!  The Hope of glory!

Matt 1:21, John 4:26, John 20:30-31

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