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Thursday, July 18, 2013



Gloria Phifer

            God, I did not know You.
                 My soul knew You did exist.

                        The mountains showed the beauty and the stars shown up above.

            When trouble came, You Name was on my lips…

                        "God help me!" I cried to the Unknown.

            I sinned and failed…were You angry upon Your Throne?

                        Did You care that I existed…

                                    In this chaos…so alone?

            I did not know you. I did not know your ways.

                        I did not know your character.

                                    From Your Heaven did you know my name?

            When I did encounter you…

                        I turned and ran away.

                                    What would You ask of me?

                                                I did now want to give up control.
                                                            I did not ask You to stay

            I was unaware You followed me.  You would not let me go.

            I wondered in the darkness

                        My life was in such pain.
                                    In my desperation, I called upon Your Name.

            "Jesus, come into my heart

                        I cannot bear this burden.

                                    I need a new start."

Gently, You invaded my life, with so much love.

            There was no anger or judgment,

                        As You wrapped me in Your arms.

Once I knew You were God…

                        NOW I CALL YOU LORD!

If you have been running from God…. I want to share with you…God is love.  The sins you try to hide…He nailed them to His cross. His blood was shed to cover all of your loss.
Turn around and face Him.  You will find that He loves you. His arms are wide open…run to Him…into His embrace. Call upon the Name of Jesus and you will be saved... Acts. 2:21…"whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved."

Call on His Name today.

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