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Monday, December 17, 2012


                                           gloria phifer

My life is a fragile flower.

    Here today and gone tomorrow; blown by the Wind.

The soft rain falls on my life and  I absorb the nutrients into my being.

   I respond to the heat of the sun and  I grow in strength and vitality.

Blossoms cover my life... blossoms that are for His Glory.

    My roots grow deep into the rich soil of the Word.

My Gardner and Maker is pleased with the fragrance, as He prunes me for new growth.

     I stand tall and straight, pointing to the Son, from Whom comes all my strength and health.

Let me stand true in all weather, bending and yielding to the Wind.

     New flowers are produced from the petals and seeds of my life, as they are blown

            by the Wind.

When my leaves wither and my stalk is dry and spent, oh Wind of God carry me home.

    Plant me in the Garden of God ,where I will bloom forever ,in the radiance of His love and presence.

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