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Monday, December 17, 2012


By Gloria Phifer
  Hosea 14:8 "I AM living and strong.  I look after you and care for you.  I AM like an evergreen tree, yielding My fruit to you through out the year. My mercies never fail."

  Jesus is like an evergreen tree, always green, always lovely.
In the dead of winter, when all else is dormant, His branches are heavy
With sprigs of life.
  He is always the same; He never changes.  His love for you and me is eternal.  The seasons may change, but His faithfulness endures.
  I can find shelter from the storm; shade from the heat of the sun.
He is refreshment to my soul, life to my weary heart; laughter to my spirit.
                  He is strong, living, faithful and true.
  I know He is always standing there beside me; loving and caring.
  His branches are extended toward me with every abundance I need.
  Jesus is ever "green" to my heart. His is Life and His life is abundant.

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