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Friday, March 10, 2017


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the Friday, Five minute bloggers. We write for five minutes on a word...the word this week is "Abandon."

Abandon. That word brings up a lot of memories to me. I was abandoned by a father I never knew, and a mother who was an alcoholic.

When you are abandoned, you contend with the fear of abandonment. Emotional buttons can be pushed to give you that feeling of loss or insecurity.

I became a born again Christian when I was 22 yrs old. I have received a lot of healing from The Lord. One of those healings is the realization that He will never abandon me. That was 50 years ago and I can affirm the fact that He has always been with me. 

I have had to learn to "trust." And I have found my trust in Jesus Christ has given me safety and security. God has become my Father.

With Jesus I am never...abandoned.

I recommend this relationship to anyone. He is faithful and true. He never abandons.

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