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Friday, July 22, 2016


Glora Phifer

I am joining the bloggers from FMF...the word is "Help."

When I think of "help," I think of the times that know one knows but God my Father and Jesus my Savior and High Priest.

It's those times that are unexplainable even to myself. Times when I have been hurt by others. I try to understand but I only get tied in knots. 

The times when I am afraid or feel insecure. When someone I want to show me love doesn't. 

The times when I feel so alone in a circumstances. When I realize I am helpless when it comes to the changing of someone's heart...and not sure how to respond. Whether to confront or continue to just show love?

Those are the private, intimate times when I get alone with The Lord and I'm not a pretty mess. I really am like a little child pouring my heart out to the One Person who knows me better then myself.

Knowing Jesus is my Savior, my High Priest and mostly, at the time, my Friend. That is when I pour it all out. 

It's like, when my little child use to come to me, when they were hurt and I would comfort them. that is the way I feel with Jesus.

After those times, I feel completely wrung out...but in a good way.
I know He has heard. I know He understands. And all the "Big" things have become "small." Small in His Presence. Small in His 
love for me.

It would be interesting to know how many times I have cried out "Lord Jesus please help me."

To anyone who needs a friend who can be trusted. Who knows you intimately and loves you unconditionally...even when you feel like a is Jesus Christ.

Jesus loves me this I know..for The Bible tells me so... You can call to Him for help and He will be there.
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