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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Gloria Phifer

Monarchs...painted by Gloria Phifer

The other night I was watching an older movie in black and white.

When I watched something in color...what a difference.

What if God had made our world black and white? 

There is so much to color...different colors...soft...vibrant...all


How awesome is our God. I look at the sky...the clouds, the sunsets. Our trees are beginning to bloom as well as the early flowers.

Our ragdoll cat has beautiful white and brown hair. A white mane.
and blue eyes...his paws pads are pink as well as his nose.

I had given up painting until a friend saw my paintings and encouraged me to begin again. What a blessing it has been.
It is like I have found color again. When you are creating with becomes more alive somehow.

It makes me think of my Creator. He is so big, mighty , powerful...
And yet,...He added "Color." To everything He created. 
I stand in awe. 

Thank You Lord for color...Amen.

By Gloria Phifer

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