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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the gals at the FMF blog site...we write for 5 minutes on a word...the word this week is "Easy."

I was sick...not sure what was happening.
I had always been able to eat anything. Now, my stomach hurt constantly plus other problems. The doctor thought I had an ulcer.

After some tests and a biopsy...the doctor's office left a message on my phone...something called "celiac"...and something about what ever that was..."gluten???"

I had two pieces of bread in the toaster. I decided to wait to eat them and went next door to my neighbor who was a nurse.

celiac was a disease? An autoimmune disease;. I wasn't to have any wheat? And that meant white bread?

I was to learn it was more complicated then was a complete life style change...from how my prescriptions were made, to lip stick...and oh yes...careful of contamination.

Could not eat anything that had  been made in a factory that contained wheat.

I went through a grieving process. I felt like my whole life had under gone a change.(and it had.)

 I was told I would be talking to waiters, not me?  Oh yes, I have learned to be diligent...otherwise I can be sick for a month. I have become a detective...reading all labels...asking all questions...I had to give up what other people thought.

I am such a social person, but I had to make decisions where I would eat with friends and family.

I realized how important it is to feel good. To take care of myself, even when it's hard.

I thank The Lord for helping me. Giving me wisdom through this.

I will have to say, "It hasn't been easy."
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