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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Gloria Phifer

The old house set on a crooked foundation...cracks in the structure.
At one time a family had lived there. When the home was built were they concerned with a lasting foundation? 

In our lives are we building on a firm, lasting foundation. One that will with stand the winds, storms and circumstances of life?
I had a shaking storm a couple months ago. The song came on the radio as I was driving, " Just be Held." I knew, my Savior was holding me even though I felt shaken. My Foundation Stone was holding me. 

Luke 6:46-49. (It is in red.) Jesus is speaking. He talks about hearing His Word and obeying them. The person who does this is building a house. Digging deep and laying a foundation on a Rock. That Rock is Christ Jesus. When the flood rises, the stream beats vehemently upon that can not be shaken for it was founded on The Rock.

I have found in my life that only One is always there. Only Jesus is stability. He is peace. Wisdom. He is the stabilizing force and foundation of my life. I don't hold myself up...He is my foundation and He holds me firm. 

Be still and just be held.
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