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Friday, September 11, 2015


The Word for FMF bloggers today is..."Same."

Do you remember as a young person never wanting it to stay "The same." Looking forward to becoming 16 and getting that drivers license.  As a Senior in High School wanting to graduate. Oh, the wonderful number "18." And then there was "21!!!" 

As the years have gone by, sometimes I would like for everything to have stayed the "same." Having my three children. It seemed it was always a process of "letting go." First they had to cross the street by them selves. Then they left for school...and I cried. They out grew all of their clothes. Soon they were taller then me (Nearly everyone is LOL). Then it was graduation...on to their new lives...leaving home...each time my heart was heavy. It could not stay "The same." 

Then came "Grandchildren." You know, those little ones, who tie you around their little fingers and call you "Grandma." And they just think you are the greatest and you know they are the greatest!!! Once more I could hold and rock babies. Watch them as they learned to walk and talk. And then...they were bigger then me ( ha ha). 

Families moved out of state...and nothing was "The same." An empty, lonesome heart. Where was my place? I know..."IT was on my knees."  And still is. 

My husband and I will be married 52 years in November. We have not stayed the "Same." We have grown together. We live in retirement together (adjustment). In December...I will be ...gulp...72 years old. But, I still feel the "Same." 

I have found life is a process of trusting The Lord and letting go. 
The Only One Who never changes is Jesus...He is The Same Savior and Friend that I came to know in my early 20's. Through all of these transitions, He has been with me. He is with my family in their different stages of life. October, my husband and I will be "Great Grandparents." We have gone from "Grand" "Great!!!"

Nothing stays the same and that is the way it was always meant to be. Life is a learning, growing...process. It doesn't "stay the same" and neither should it. Life goes on... 
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