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Friday, August 28, 2015

What is my purpose?

Gloria Phifer

Today, a question came to me that I haven't thought of for a long time...What is my purpose?

The answer surprised me. I was born for God. Actually, I have been twice born. My natural birth and my spiritual birth when I was 22 yrs old. 

I really didn't have a childhood...not a normal, carefree one...if there is such a thing. 

Since I came to life has been full. A husband of almost 52 years. Three children and their spouses. 7 grandchildren plus two bonus grandchildren. My life is full of friends.

The Lord has given me the privelege of feeding His sheep. I write and teach a Bible study each week. I am in a church that has encouraged me in my calling...what blessing.

I have lived in one town for 50 years. (when I was a child I changed schools 14 times.) 

I have a lovely home. Food in the refrigerator. I'm not rich in the worldly sense but all my needs and most of my wants are taken care of. The Lord gave me a wonderful rag-doll Kitty Cat, who is so lovable...he has to be held at least twice a day.

I have great neighbors. Friends to hang out with. Christian friends that pray for me and I pray for them.

I know my mother and step dad are in Heaven...they accepted the Lord. I know they are safe and are in wonderful peace. My brother, Bronco, has accepted Jesus. He prays for a list of 40 people every night. He prays for me and my family. The Lord has given us a good relationship. He always tells me he loves me and thanks me for calling him. (In this one paragraph...there are countless miracles). I have seen The Salvation and deliverance and restoration of The Lord!!!

So...what am I here for?  My life belongs to Jesus. I am here to live for Him. With His help...and only with His help and grace...I represent Him in this world. 1 Cor. says we are His ambassadors. We have and give The Word of Reconciliation. I am here to love others. I want to be His light in a dark world. I want Him to use me to give hope. I want Him to use me in telling others what He has done in my life and what He can and will do in their lives.

Until He calls me purpose is to live for Him and to glorify His Name...Jesus Christ. (And it is only by His grace).

What a wonderful purpose!!! Given to me by The Lord...The Giver of all good things. I glorify His Name...Jesus Christ my Lord. 
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