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Friday, June 5, 2015


Gloria Phifer

I was 20 years old. My husband had been assigned to a post in Alaska (he was in the air force.) I was living with his family.
I was depressed.  

 Soon, in the following month, after he left, I didn't feel well. My clothes were getting too tight. I went to the doctor...I was PREGNANT!!!  I cried, not because I was unhappy, no never, I cried for joy!!! I remember the first time I felt our daughter was like a little butterfly. I was fascinated as the months passed by, how she grew and moved. (and the depression had left, I had a reason to look forward to the future) Terrie Lynn Phifer was born January 16. I had been given the "Gift of Life."

3 years passed, I had an overwhelming desire for another baby.
I was so happy, when 9 months later, Timothy Alan Phifer was born. Another "Gift of Life."

When Timothy was 6 months old, I felt that strong desire.
I asked my husband about having another child. He said, "yes."  9 months later Theodore John Phifer was born...another "Gift of Life."

I am so thankful The Lord gave me these children.
We now have 9 grandchildren. ( 2 are bonus grandchildren.)
I rejoiced over each of their births. "Gifts of Life."

In October we are expecting our first great grandchild. He is a boy.  Thank You Lord for another "Gift of Life."

Children are a blessing from the Lord.

In 1943 my mother, at 17, discovered she was expecting. My
Grandmother and Aunt tried to persuade her to abort the baby. I was that baby. I am thankful to my mother for giving me my life.  You see...I am the only one of her children who had children and grandchildren.

I had been given "The Gift of Life." 

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