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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Gloria Phifer

I knew nothing of "grace".  As a child I could never get the approval of my step dad.

When I wiped off the table...I could be sure he would find crumbs.

I lived in a "Graceless world."

I knew nothing of God's grace. I longed for love...unconditional...never ending...but

I felt alone.

I also never gave myself grace.  How can you give something when you have never experienced it?

It has actually taken a life time for me to understand grace. I am still learning.

I found that "Grace" is a Person.  My Savior. He gave me "grace" when I wasn't sure I could survive...

I didn't have to be "good enough." I didn't have to perform. I just had to accept.

I love grace and I love mercy.  I love when someone gives me grace and shows me mercy...

Jesus doesn't care if I leave a few crumbs...or if I don't get my math right...

He loves me where I am...crumbs and all...

One time I was being hard on myself over something...

I heard Him speak to my heart..."you can't pay for this. I already have."

Oh the grace of God. I have found that the more grace I receive from The Lord...

the more grace I give myself and others...

Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ...He is Grace....He is my Savior. Blessed be His Name


(Grace is undeserved favor.)

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