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Friday, May 29, 2015

God's Favorite color?

Gloria Phifer


   I asked my six year old granddaughter what her favorite color is.


All of us have certain colors that we are drawn to. I often wonder,

what is about each person, that draws them to those colors?

Anyone who knows me knows I am a purple gal. Although

I love pink and teal also. (Or any shade of purple)

I went shopping with a friend last week and she said "Do you realize you have a lot of green there." I was surprised I bought a lot of "Green." That was actually my favorite color when I was a child.

Do you think God has a favorite color?  He has so much beauty.  I 

know He loves "color."  But as I look out the window I see His blue sky. 

His Oceans are blue (sometimes aqua blue). The mountains sometimes have a blue hue to them.

I wonder if "Blue" is His favorite color? 

(Although, as I look out the window, on this Iowa day...I do see a lot of "Green."

I have joined the Five minute Friday bloggers...the word today was "BLUE." 
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