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Friday, December 12, 2014


Gloria Phifer

I am joining the writers for five minute Fridays. We write for five minutes on a word. Today the word is "prepare."

Preparing is a big part of life.

I have to admit that it takes me an hour to get ready to go someplace.  You know...the shower...the make up...blow drying...using a curling iron. Deciding what to wear...wooo
makes me tired as I think of it.  But, I am ready to walk out the door. I am prepared for my next location.

In thinking of "preparing for location" it reminds me of preparing to meet my God. 

I was not raised in a Christian home. It amazes me how God positioned me to learn about Jesus and salvation.  He was preparing me...preparing my heart.

I still find Him preparing me.  I love to write Bible studies and teach them, but I had not done this for a few years.  I was feeling empty...unfulfilled. 

My 1st Bible study, I was 22 yrs old. The Lord told me to go to my neighbors and ask them to my home for a Bible study.  Three showed up!!! As the years went by more opportunities opened for me. Now, I was hearing that calling again.

I stepped out and we began with three or four of us. We had it at a local coffee shop. Slowly it grew, until we decided to move it to the church where it was quieter and more room.

I love the Lord to prepare me. I know I am His workmanship.  He that has begun His good work in me will perform it until I see Him face to face. Prepare me Lord for that wonderful day.

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