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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Gloria Phifer

A redeeming work keeps coming to my mind this morning.

To be redeemed.  What would I do if a bracelet was stolen? What if one day, passing by a second hand store window, I happened to see it .It belonged to me; and yet it was lost to me. There is only way I could have it...I would have to pay the price...I would Redeem it. Once again it would belong to me, I had to buy it back.

Many antiques are broken, dirty with nicks and scratches covering their beauty. A craftsman puts effort and love to recover what was  lost under all that veneer.  The Craftsman brought back...Redeemed and returned the antique to its beauty.

This is what our lives are like.  We have been lost to our Maker...He searched for us.  He paid the price to buy us back...He Redeemed us. He saw our beauty in spite of the brokenness...the ugliness...the despair...He restored us to His Likeness.

There is a Savior...A Redeemer...bring your brokenness to Him. He has paid the price for your redemption.  Come to Jesus...Let Him restore to you what has been lost....Come.
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